Thailand #1 Chiang dao jungle trekking and 1 day living in Lahu village
Thailand #2 Chiang mai
Thailand #3 Bangkok
Thailand #4 Ko tao island

bangkok_fruitsThere are many things that you will never know by reading and looking at the pictures of this tale. I have no photos nor words describing many memories of those days, you know, when you don’t have the time to take your camera or when you just enjoy standing there, making nothing, just enjoying it and sharing it with nobody else but yourself. A lady burning incense sticks for the spirits of her house before going to sleep. The smell of the menthol tree in the jungle. The noise of the village waking up at 4 AM with the singing of the roosters. The skilful of people cooking in the street. Wake up in the morning with the desire of pad thai. The sweet lullaby of their language. The smell of the tea fields. Women’s black silky hair. Collecting tamarind and litchi for a snack. The skill with which they use the wok making it sizzle like a musical instrument. Always entering barefoot wherever there is a roof. The most teeming with life silence ever imagined. The most black and starry sky ever seen. Breakfast with a freshly picked mango. The red of the chili. The orange drape on the monk’s shoulder. Fresh orchid in your plate next to the food. The strong fragility of a bamboo forest. Plumerias into my hair. Feeling at home on the other side of the world. A mountain temple by night when you’re the last to leave and the breeze shakes the lanterns and the frogs croak in the pond with water lilies.

Anything else and perhaps even some of this can be found here, in thefour episodes of our adventure in Thailand.



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