Salmon pavé with pear and pink pepper velouté and spicy carrots


The ingredients of this dish came together in my mind a few days ago. They were all dressed in pink.pavè_salmone_vellutata_pera_pepe_rosa_crudo_altoOr almost.

pavè_salmone_vellutata_pera_pepe_rosa_crudoThere was ostentation in the air, you can not deny… The shiny pink pepper, the coppery reflections of the scallions, the sorceress shocking pink pear, the beautiful piece of salmon color “himself” and those strange carrots so proud to have the wrong color from their haistylist.


Who was the leader of the group was evident. “What are you doing here? – I ask to Mr. Pavè – What do you want from me?”
“That you cook us”
“Ok- I say – you could tell me right away. But first I want so many pictures of those brave carrots.”

“OK!” – the most outrageous one says, starting to undress and humming.





“Have you finished? Otherwise I will return in the fridge … – says Mr. Pavè, impatiently.


vegan_all_purpose_velouté3Although Mr Pavè might seems the protagonist of the recipe, my pride is actually this delicate and delicious creamy pear and pink pepper sauce, whose flavor and nutritional characteristics are exactly what I was looking for. Creamy, sweet and aromatic, spicy but with grace, sour just enough to degrease the salmon. Totally vegan and all purpose, it is delicious both hot and cold on meat, fish, vegetables and scarpetta! 😉



Serves 4

-1 William pear, peeled and blended

-The juice of 1 lemon

-1 tablespoon of multipurpose flour

-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

-600 gr of organic of soy milk
-Some crushed pink pepper

-Himalayan Salt


-Mix the pear puree with about 100 gr of cold soy milk and the lemon juice.
-In a small pan slightly heat the 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
-At very low heat, add the tablespoon of flour and stir with a whisk immediately leaving fry for a few seconds
-Add the remaining 500 gr of soy milk hot but not boiling, stirring constantly to prevent lumps forming, the sauce will begin to slowly
thicken, do not stop stirring and reduce the heat once it reaches the boil
– When a creamy consistency is reached, add the pear puree diluted with milk and lemon juice and continue to stir with a whisk another minute or so.
-Add The Himalayan pink salt and crushed red pepper and remove from heat.vegan_pear_pinkpepper_velouté_spoon


Serves 4


-6-8 Carrots

-Extra Virgin olive oil

-half glass of apple vinegar

-Four shallots

-One clove of crushed garlic

– Himalayan salt

– Pink pepper




-Peel and cut the carrots into cubes, pour in a wok 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, add the crushed garlic clove and sauté lightly

-Add Finely chopped shallots and let it cook on low heat

– Raise the flame, add the carrots and sauté over high heat for a few minutes, stirring, then add the salt.

-Lower the flame and cook over medium-low heat stirring, covering but leaving a draft so that the steam does not pulp vegetables that must remain firm and consistent

-At the end of cooking, after about 40 minutes, raise the heat and add the cider vinegar, let evaporate, stirring constantly.

-Add salt and spices and serve.


Serves 4


-4 Salmon pavè

– Himalayan Salt

-Fresh dill and pepper pink to decorate


-In a warm pan big enough cook the salmon on one side at medium heat for about 3-4 minutes

-When will be slightly browned on one side, with a spatula, gently turn the fish trying not to break it, add salt and cook on the other side for another 3-4 minutes; then salt the other side too.

– Cover with a lid, reduce the heat and cook a few more minutes.

COMPOSITION OF THE PLATEpavè_salmon_velouté_pear_pinkpepper_spoon

Serve the salmon pavé with the spicy carrots, the pear and pink pepper veloutè sauce, some berry of pink pepper and a leaf of fresh dill.pavè_salmone_velouté_pera_pepe_rosa_alto

And now the biologist and nutritionist in me takes over, laying the whip and the camera and starts babbling about serious things. This plate, wonderful for the eyes and for the palate, is well balanced, light and healthy thanks to the presence of Polyunsaturated fat Omega 3 of the Salmon useful in controlling the levels of “good”cholesterol in the blood. For this reason I coupled it with a vegan sauce. Soy milk is cholesterol-free and rich of essential aminoacid that also control the good cholesterol level. Same thing make the carrots, with their huge amount of fibers.pavè_salmone_vellutata_pera_pepe_rosa_goccepavè_salmone_vellutata_pera_pepe_rosa2

We accompanied the dish with a well fresh glass of Riesling, so common here.

I leave you with the autumnal cover of the blog, inspired to rebirth … This ginkgo is located in the botanical garden of Metz …

fall_is_regeneration_ginkgo_autunno2Until next time!



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